Friday, September 30, 2005

Russian Dolls

I can't believe I finally found some russian dolls on the net for a decent price. I had been looking for this particular one for a long time. So I just put in an order.I can't wait to get them.
While I was there surfing, I couldn't believe all the stuff they have. If you like anything russian that's the place to visit.

'Red Whortleberry'
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At Sunday, December 04, 2005, Blogger Rosie said...

Hello Im Rosie I came across your blog as i was searching for Russian doll things.
I read you blog Be thankful!
I really enjoyed it. i hope you dont mind if i forward it on?
I havent began my Russian doll collection I have only just got an interest & am thinking its a collectable that I can not afford.:)Although the Russian site you directed me too is pretty good.If you do collect Russian dolls you may/or may not want to have a look and give me your opinion of a russian doll design I have put on some products in my shop(see my profile.
happy holidays


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