Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bring Back To Life Your Kids Color Markers

Here is a simple solution for when your kids color markers drie up.

Put a bit of water in a small cup and place
the dried marker tip into the water for about
fifteen seconds. Voila! Like new markers~

Easy enough,isn't it?


At Monday, October 23, 2006, Blogger Eddie said...

Cool Stuff! thanks for the great tips!! Really like your idea...
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At Tuesday, October 24, 2006, Blogger Sameer said...

Easy enough .. Yeah ... get more syuff dude ... and visit my blog sometime too



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At Wednesday, October 25, 2006, Anonymous Monchster said...

Lol... this is almost like adding water to that Robitussin bottle when the medicine ran out.

It is a quick fix... I've done it.

At Tuesday, October 31, 2006, Anonymous veeare said...

Thanks for the quick tip :)

At Wednesday, November 15, 2006, Blogger Miss Trashahassee said...

oh my goodness, my sister woulda sho'nuff loved to knowed 'bout this lil' trick 37 yeers ago when her tooked a green flair marker an' ran up an' down the trailer hall with the marker end in her hand an' the felt tip of the flair on the fake wood panelin. she deckorated that wall up reel good until the pen runned outta green ink.

Sister founded out later that it dont scrub off as eazy as it goes on, tho, 'cause Momma seen the fancy artwerk after it wuz finished an' her dont appresheate abstract designs one iota


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