Monday, July 16, 2007

Klick Don't Kick

Today, I would like to mention a few websites
where I go every day for a "feel good" kick.

And the best thing is that
it doesn't cost a dime.


Hunger Site

Breast Cancer

Children Health

Another thing that I like to do daily is whenever I need to use a search engine, I go to Good Search and do my searching there. Everytime I search, a charity of my choice gets $0.01 for each search. Again, it doesn't cost a penny but it does a lot of good. And it charges my adrenalin battery back up.

At this time, I am raising money for For Haiti With Love

If you can see it in your heart to go and clik a little, I would be forever grateful in the name of the people who will be helped. Specially For Haiti With Love, as you know the Haitian people are eating mud cookies right now to survive.

Many Thanks,



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