Saturday, August 18, 2007

Curb Appeal

When walking I like to look at people's houses to see what's special about their place.
Recently, I noticed some beautiful mailboxes and address plaques in a higher class neighborhood. So, I checked the Internet to check the prices and see if I could afford one.

I came across Mailboxixchange. Wow! Right away, I saw one that I just loved, but still checked out all the other ones
just in case I would love another better. But no, this was definitely my favorite.

While surfing, I noticed that the company also sell commercial mailboxes,not just residential ones .
Not only do they sell mail boxes but they also can provide you with a beautiful address plaque.In fact,the company has over 1500 mailboxes and curbside decor products. This is
a big plus as you can more easily coordinate the look that you want for your house.

It doesn't take that much to add some curb appeal to your house,a beautiful mailbox with a coordinated address plaque can do the trick.



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