Monday, December 17, 2007

Congratulations To Haiti Partage

Huge congratulations are in order for Haiti Partage, a non-profit organization that does wonder for the Haitian population in Abricots, a coastal village in Haiti.

Haiti Partage was founded in 1967 and focuses its efforts in 3 sectors.

(The following is taken from their website Haiti Partage.

"1- Education. The Foundation helps a network of elementary schools with 2600 pupils, a nursing school and local libraries in addition to promoting the reforestation of the region.

2- Economic development. The Foundation supports various activities such as handicraft, woodwork and carpentry workshops, beekeeping, a woman's agricultural cooperative, the marketing of dried fruits and vegetables, and the management of a credit union (Loan and Saving Cooperative) which generate employment and income for the local population.

3- Health and humanitarian help. The Foundation helps with the collecting of water from springs. It also gives subsidies to an old women' home, to health centers and to school's canteens."

All the hard work of Michaelle and Patrick DeVerteuil combined with the dedication of the numerous volunteers and donors has paid off handsomely over the years.

A big Thank You to the whole team for such a success.

You can read and see a video about the BBC challenge



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