Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Good Search

Have you heard about the...The Good Search? It is a search engine powered by Yahoo! It donates 50% of its revenue to charities chosen by the people who use the search engine. You simply use Good Search exactly as you would any search engine. Then pick a cause that is dear to you . Each search raises $0.01 for your favorite cause.

I have been using the Good Search for a few months and already I have raised some good money for one of my favorite charities
which is For Haiti With Love.

Care to give it a try? Let's know which charity you picked.



At Wednesday, September 05, 2007, Blogger SavingDiva said...

How does a search engine make money?

At Wednesday, September 05, 2007, Blogger maria said...


Simple. From advertisers on their sites.



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