Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On That Day Everybody Ate

I just finished reading a book titled "On That Day Everybody Ate",by Margaret Trost.

"Margaret is a young american woman who was in her 30s when her husband died suddenly of asthma, leaving her to raise their young son alone. In despair, seeking meaning in her life and in her husband’s death, she accepted an invitation to visit Haiti as part of a pilgrimage of reverse mission, to serve the poor as a means to transform the providers. This is a moving account of her immersion in the West's most impoverished nation. Gently and viscerally, Trost describes her experiences in a hospice and in the horrific slums of Cité Soleil. As she struggles to make sense of such extreme conditions existing so near the US, readers discover with her the healing power of reaching out. In the process, we meet and come to love the eternally optimistic and enterprising Father Jean-Just, and the wise octogenarian Manmi Dét, who teaches Margaret to work hard and also to play and to dance. And we have a front-row seat as this unlikely group of friends creates a food program for Haiti's children. In straightforward, conversational prose, with humility, candor, and love, Trost shares the story of a serendipitous flow of events that guided her on her passage from despair to hope."

After reading this book, I came to really feel the desperation in the Haitian people and resolved to raise money for the cause of "What If Foundation."


At Saturday, May 23, 2009, Blogger Jill said...

Very inspiring.


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