Thursday, January 12, 2006

On The Subject Of Walking

Although my walking is still not
as regular as I would like it to be, I find
much joy in the process of moving my body
in the fresh cold air of January.

Now what I need is to stay motivated.
I have found an excellent article at about how to Stay Motivated.

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At Friday, January 13, 2006, Blogger Jill said...

I enjoy walking except in the summer heat. I really need to get back to walking outside, so much to see. So little time.

At Friday, January 13, 2006, Blogger maria said...

Hi Jill,

Same here, I dislike walking in the
humid days of summer.

Yes, go back outside and walk,walk
till your toes hurt.


At Saturday, January 14, 2006, Anonymous Randy said...

I like to go walking around the lakes near where I work. I can't drive, and my wife usually runs abaout a half hour late, so I take the time to soak in nature. There are some really beautiful birds that frequent the lakes, and occasionally I find other animals, such as alligators, turtles, and, once, an otter. Anyway, these beauties keep me motivated to walk.

At Saturday, January 14, 2006, Blogger Greg said...

Thanks for the link to my Staying Motivated post.

As a former geologist, I've walked in many places given I have visited every state except Alaska (hope to go soon).

Where's your favorite place on the planet to walk? Mind is to the door of a friend's house.

- Greg

At Saturday, January 14, 2006, Blogger xianfu said...

Hi..stopping by to say hi... love reading ur blog..always gives me some nice idea and motivation... " the way u write.. "p take care!!!


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