Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On That Day Everybody Ate

I just finished reading a book titled "On That Day Everybody Ate",by Margaret Trost.

"Margaret is a young american woman who was in her 30s when her husband died suddenly of asthma, leaving her to raise their young son alone. In despair, seeking meaning in her life and in her husband’s death, she accepted an invitation to visit Haiti as part of a pilgrimage of reverse mission, to serve the poor as a means to transform the providers. This is a moving account of her immersion in the West's most impoverished nation. Gently and viscerally, Trost describes her experiences in a hospice and in the horrific slums of Cité Soleil. As she struggles to make sense of such extreme conditions existing so near the US, readers discover with her the healing power of reaching out. In the process, we meet and come to love the eternally optimistic and enterprising Father Jean-Just, and the wise octogenarian Manmi Dét, who teaches Margaret to work hard and also to play and to dance. And we have a front-row seat as this unlikely group of friends creates a food program for Haiti's children. In straightforward, conversational prose, with humility, candor, and love, Trost shares the story of a serendipitous flow of events that guided her on her passage from despair to hope."

After reading this book, I came to really feel the desperation in the Haitian people and resolved to raise money for the cause of "What If Foundation."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kudos To Some Kiddos

There are kids who are driven to do something to help others in this world. And this is to give a blue ribbon to a few of them to celebrate their social
conscience. Here are a few examples which you can read about on this Website

Kids For Clean Water
Free The Children
Ryan's Well
Alex's Lemonade Stand
Give A Goat

I will be mentionning more in the next coming weeks, so stay tune
and don't forget to salute the kids you know who make a difference
in the lives of others.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Humanitarian Grants From Gates Foundation

Press Release

May 4, 2009
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Phone: 206.709.3400
Email: media@gatesfoundation.org

Gates Foundation Invests in 81 Unconventional Global Health Research Projects

$100,000 grants will explore how unique approaches, including the use of tomatoes, cows and magnets, can be used to prevent infectious disease

Huge Grants


What's Really in a Lot of 'Healthy' Foods

There is an interesting article in the Wall Stret Journal this morning May 5, 2009. Do You Know What's In Your Food

After reading it, I still think we are pretty well fed and the most
important thing is that we are not starving here in North America.

I'm sure most of the Third World countries would love to have some of that food so they can survive.

Talking about that how about giving them some food with just the click
of your mouse.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Miriam's Kitchen Food Bank


If you would like to go on my Twitter page and Re-Twitt the following:

RT: @bmarler will donate $2,500 to Miriam's Kitchen for 2,500 more followers. @obamafoodorama will match it!

Some generous souls. They'll get 2,500 new followers and Miriam's Kitchen
will get the $2,500.00 to feed the needy.

That's "food from heaven" for the people who need it the most.

Miriam's Kitchen provides free, high-quality services to the homeless in our Nation's Capital every weekday morning through four core programs: Breakfast Program, Case Management Program, After-Breakfast Program and Arnold's Place Transitional Housing Program. Additionally, we will be adding an Evening Program in 2010 to provide our guests with a healthy dinner and critical support services

Are You Crazy About Fabric As I Am?

I love fabric and since I discovered fat quarters, I love fabric even more.

By buying fat quarters, you can assemble a wide assortment of design and color without breaking the bank.

It's so much easier to do quilts when you don't have to do all the cuttings
for hundred of pieces.

Yes, I really love fat quarters.
One of the things that I enjoy the most while surfing the Internet is to read and look at all the gorgeous pictures on some Quilting Blogs.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Romantic French Songs Of Yesteryear

I grew up listening to those wonderful songs that I am introducing to you today. How many evenings I spent dreaming of romance while listening to Aznavour's songs?

He was my favorite singer at that time.

Who was your favorite songs of yesterday?